What should I carry in my UTV / SXS?


Items Rugged Terrain Suggests To Cary On Your SXS / UTV While Riding

In a perfect world we can just jump in our side by sides, hit the trails, have a great day and return home without running into any kind of issues. But unfortunately all too often issues arise and we need to be able to resolve them.  That's why we do our best to be prepared for almost every obstacle in our path. 

We at Rugged Terrain have learned the hard way some of the most important things to never leave without. We never want to see others be in those same situations, so we prepared our list of must have's to help you be prepared at all times. 

  • Zip Ties- One item that we have learned to go nowhere without is zip ties! Zip Ties have become our saving grace more times than we can count. They are great for just about anything, and we highly recommend having at least large and small zip ties on hand at all times in your buggy. 
  • Flashlight- Another must have is a flashlight or headlight! You never want to be in a situation where you need to see and have no light. Your phone is not reliable enough! Even in broad daylight a flashlight will still come in hand very often. 
  • Tire Repair Kit- A tire repair kit is a must. You never want to be the person who gets a flat tire in the middle of the trails with no way to patch it, or be able to fill it.  Find our suggestion HERE
  • First Aid Kits- First aid kits are also a great thing to keep on hand. It takes one wrong turn or roll over and that kit could be the make or break the situation. 
  • Basic Tool Kit- Basic tool kits are also a fantastic thing to always have on hand, because if you want to be able to fix the problems that could occur you have to also have the tools to fix them.  Some key tools we recommend are a basic socket set, adjustable wrench,  belt changing tools, and a pair of channel locks.  To carry all these tools, we recommend Milwaukee Packout Boxes which can easily be stored with one of our Milwaukee Packout Plates!
  • Spare Drive Belt- Burnt and blown belts are one of the most inconvenient problems to have on a ride but it is also one easiest problems to solve, if you're prepared! Keep a spare on hand as well as the required tools to change it. Find our suggestion HERE
  • 2 Way Radios- If you plan to ride with a group, which we always recommend.  2 way radios are a must!  Being able to communicate with others easily will make your riding experience run so much smoother. 
  • Fire Starting Essentials- Also we would recommend bringing some means of starting a fire. You never know what could occur while riding and if you break down in the middle of the trail for the night a fire would be so helpful and in some cases could save your life! 
  • Fire Extinguisher- Speaking of fires, a fire extinguisher is so important to have on you. It's one of those things that doesn't need to be used very often but when need it, you NEED to have it. 
  • Spare Fuses- Spare fuses are also a great thing to have on hand. They are a simple thing but if needed are so important and having extras will make your ride so much more enjoyable. 
  • Spare Tire-If you have the room, a spare tire is also a good thing to have on hand. Trying to get back to camp on only 3 tires might make a good story but it's still not a good spot to be in. See our suggestions HERE
  • Snacks- Snacks and water are also smart items to keep on hand. Being stranded without them would make for a miserable day. 
  • Multi tool / Pocket Knife- Pocket knives will also come in handy more times than not. They are helpful in most situations and will make many of your tasks run a whole lot smoother and faster.
  • Ratchet Straps- Ratchet straps are also extremely important to have on hand. Especially if you do not have a winch, but even if you do have one it still never hurts to have ratchet straps with you. They are a universal tool and can help you in so many different situations. 
  • Tow Straps- Tow straps are a must have item to keep in your buggy!  Whether you are towing, need to pull, or be pulled out of a sticky situation a tow strap or tow rope is another essential item.
  • Toilet Paper- Finally Toilet paper. Sure, when nature calls you can clean yourself up with some leaves or rip off the bottom half of your shirt but personally I always pack a roll or two of toilet paper to keep on deck. 

Being prepared when riding is so important, because you really never know what could happen and normally you are a long ways from camp with no service. These are just some of our top suggestions. Comment down below some of your favorite things to keep on hand, or even fun stories of you having to use some of these necessities.

These are our thoughts, comment below to share your "must have" items while riding your UTV / SXS!

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