Our "Must Haves" List For Your Kawasaki KRX


Summer is the perfect time to take your Kawasaki KRX to the next level with some essential upgrades from Rugged Terrain. Whether you're hitting the trails for the first time or seeking improved durability after your hundredth time, these top five upgrades will elevate your off-road experience.

  1. Trail Armor Skid Plate and A-Arm Guards: Protecting your KRX from the rugged off-road trails with a durable skid plate and A-arm guards from Trail Armor can mean the difference from a fun weekend trip to an expensive stranded from home repair bill. These easy, bolt-on accessories provide crucial protection to the undercarriage of the KRX, preventing damage from rocks, stumps, and other obstacles. Installing a complete set of skid plates and guards will allow you to traverse the roughest terrain with confidence you’ll get back to the truck in one piece.
  2. Performance SXS Billet Wheel Center Caps: Add a touch of style and functionality to your KRX with billet wheel center caps. Tired of replacing the factory plastic center caps after they break or fall off every time you go out? Checkout these billet CNC machined and anodized caps that will be the last you ever need to buy. Quit living with your KRX missing a center cap or two and enhance your looks too! Durable and long lasting, bashing into rocks and trees is no longer an issue with Performance SXS center caps.
  3. Trail Armor Inner Fender Liners: Keep mud, dirt, and debris at bay with inner fender liners from Trail Armor. These liners will keep mud from splashing through the vents and prevent buildup in the wheel wells, reducing the risk of damage to your KRX's components and making cleanup after off-road adventures a breeze. These are strong HJPDE plastic, inexpensive and bolt in with no drilling required.
  4. AJK Offroad 1.5 Milwaukee Pack Out Mount: Stay organized on the trail with the AJK Offroad Milwaukee Pack Out Mount for the bed of your KRX. This sturdy mount allows you to securely attach the Milwaukee storage containers ensuring easy access to essential items while you're exploring the great outdoors. Made using CNC laser-cut 10-gauge P.O. steel, they’re sturdy and durable. The mount offers a range of toolbox options, including the stackable containers or even their spacious cooler. The mount will accommodate three small coolers/Packout boxes or one large Packout box.
  5. L&W Fab Radius Rods: These are the best radius rods on the market for the KRX and are precision engineered to improve suspension performance, with more ground clearance and style than factory pieces. With better strength than the stock arms, you’ll love the Lifetime Warranty and peace of mind that comes with everything that means to your adventure in the outdoors. These are a must for slinging mud, crawling over rocks, or ripping through the tight and winding woods. 

By investing in these top five spring upgrades, you'll not only enhance the durability and performance of your Kawasaki KRX but also elevate your off-road adventures to new heights. Gear up, hit the trails, and experience the thrill of off-roading like never before!

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