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Rugged Terrain Co. Family


Leading the industry as the one-stop-shop for quality, primarily American made, parts and accessories from brands that we love and trust. 

Our passion for side by sides came by accident, when I (Kory) bought a 2016 RZR 1000 with the intent to flip it quickly. After a whole 24 hours of having it home, and driving it around our neighborhood in the suburbs of Dallas, TX (Not UTV friendly!) I was hooked. It didn’t take long for the SXS bug to bite, and I began searching for upgrades for my new machine. I spent hours scouring the internet for reviews, YouTube videos, Facebook groups, etc. to find as much information as I could for quality parts. I have never been someone who searches for the cheapest, quickest upgrade on anything that I own, but would rather spend a little extra money to ensure I was getting the best in the market. What I found was that there were a lot of great U.S based manufacturers spread out all over the internet, many of which were not getting the recognition they deserved because they were buried under the “big-box retailers.” 

At the time ‘RTC’ was a new project that I had started, but as a tactical company called “Rugged Tactical Co.” Upon finding my passion in the SXS world, I decided to change gears, and Rugged Terrain Co. was born. I have spent many hours working directly with manufacturers, customers and avid riders, and working on my own machine, and have compiled a team of companies that bring the best quality in the market, and put them all in one place. Our goal is to provide you with tried and trusted brands to ensure that your UTV will hold up, on even the toughest of terrains! 

Over the course of the last couple of years, my passion for UTVs and riding has bled into the rest of my family, and it has become our collective passion. My 14 year old daughter, Kadence, has been driving since she was 10, and has become as skilled as most men I know. Driving and riding has taught her confidence and helped her face a lot of fear, and has given us a great opportunity for father-daughter bonding, working on the RZR in the garage. Ella, my 5 year old, is still a bit skeptical about the ‘big hills,’ but always asks to watch ‘stuck four wheelers (SXSs)’ on YouTube. Not too much longer, and we will get to start breaking her in behind the wheel! 

We enjoy rock crawling, mostly in the Texas and Oklahoma area, as it is close to home. Our favorite, and most visited park, is Crossbar, in Davis, OK, but we are always up for a new adventure in checking out a new park! If you have any hidden gems that we need to check out, shoot me an email and some pictures. We would love to see your adventures!