Top 5 Polaris RZR XP 1000 & XP Turbo Upgrades

Our must haves list for your RZR XP 1000 & XP Turbo

Looking to take your Polaris RZR to the next level this spring? Ready to outfit with some new parts to enhance your off-roading experiences? Let’s go over the Rugged Terrain's Top 5 RZR upgrades that will transform your rig into a reliable, adrenaline-fueled UTV. 

Let's dive right in:

1. Radius Rods from L&W Fab

Strengthen your RZR's suspension with precision-engineered radius rods from L&W Fab for better durability and reliability on the most rugged trails out there. Whether you’re tackling a whoops section or slow speed crawling through the rock, you can experience improved stability and control while making the suspension of your RZR stronger at the same time. The L&W Fab Radius Rod kits won’t break the bank and are an excellent place to start upgrading the suspension of your XP 1000 or Turbo Polaris UTV

2. Front A-Arms from L&W Fabrication

With the radius rod swap complete, upgrading to L&W Fab's front A-arms is a no brainer for the next step in enhanced durability and performance off-road. These A-arms are built to withstand the toughest conditions, giving you the confidence to tackle any obstacle in your path. 

3. Tree Kickers from L&W Fabrication

Protect your RZR's sides and undercarriage with Tree Kickers from L&W Fab. Engineered for maximum strength and durability, these kickers will shield your vehicle from damage during intense off-road adventures. The last thing you want to do is clip a tree or rock with the rear tire on a tight high speed corner that could send you out of control and a trail looking like a busted suspension part yard sale. Aside from the danger in something like this happening, the expensive repair bill from a wreck like that makes the initial investment in a strong set of Tree Kickers completely justifiable and is why we place these in our Top 3 of must have upgrades.

4. Skid Plate from Trail Armor

Safeguarding your RZR's vital components with a skid plate from Trail Armor can mean the difference from a great day on the trails or a rough tow back to the trailer from damaged drivetrain parts. Constructed from rugged materials, this skid plate provides unmatched protection against rocks, roots, and other obstacles without the massive weight penalty from a thick steel plate. These are easy to install and offer optimum coverage to the vitals located under your rig making it safer for just about any off-road excursion. 

5. Front Diff Bombproof Rebuild Kit from Sandcraft RCR

Ensure smooth operation and reliability with a front differential rebuild kit from Sandcraft RCR. Designed for easy installation and long-lasting performance, this kit is essential for maintaining optimal functionality of your Polaris RZR. Often overlooked, servicing and upgrading your Polaris differentials keep you ready to unleash its full potential on the trail while wheeling without the concern of parts failing and leaving you stranded.

The RZR XP 1000 and RZR Turbo is an extremely capable machine in stock form, but running through this checklist of our preferred Top 5 upgrades will help make it the ultimate off-road machine. Visit to explore our full range of upgrades and accessories for your Polaris today.

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