Maximize Horsepower, A look At S&B UTV Air Filters and Particle Separators

S&B Filters SXS Particle Separator

Enhance Your Off-Road Adventure with S&B Filters UTV Particle Separators

Exploring rugged terrains or conquering off-road trails is every UTV enthusiast’s dream. However, dirt and airborne debris can quickly dampen the excitement and kill your engines efficiency, power, and durability. Fortunately, S&B Filters offers the perfect solution for UTV owners looking to protect their investment and ensure trouble free, fun filled days outdoors.

Uncompromised Dust Protection for your SXS's Engine

S&B’s Particle Separators were engineered to safeguard your UTV’s engine from damaging effects of dust and debris. With its robust centrifugal filtration system, these particle separators effectively remove 94% of dust particles before they reach the air filter. The addition of a Particle Separator offers additional protection against unwanted engine wear and tear that can be caused by abrasive contaminants entering the airstream post filter. When paired with one of S&B’s high flow, reusable air filters you not only expect an overall increase in airflow to the engine for top performance, but improved filtration for prolonged engine life. Designed to protect you from water, snow, sand and fine dust, this combo greatly outperforms the factory intake system.

Optimized Engine Performance

By reducing the amount of dust and debris that enters your UTV’s engine, the S&B system contributes to the optimization of engine power and maximum airflow, all the time. Supplying clean, unobstructed air to the cylinders ensures consistent and reliable performance throughout your off-road adventure. Beginning to end. The proprietary vortexes engineered into the unit increase airflow while ejecting dust keeping the air filter cleaner for longer. The added peace of mind that comes with knowing your engine is operating at its best, even in the harshest environments, only improves your experience.

Effortless Installation and Maintenance

Designed for hassle free installation, the S&B Particle Separator kits can be easily integrated into your UTV’s existing air intake system without major modification. The user-friendly installation process allows you to quickly equip your ride with added protective measures so you can enjoy your time off-roading instead of wrenching. Additionally, simple maintenance requirements of the system mean less time tending to the upkeep of the side by side and more time pounding the trails.

Durable Construction and Smart Design

Built to withstand the rigors of off-road exploring, these kits also boast a durable and reliable construction that will withstand the most challenging terrains and conditions. S&B’s high-quality materials and superior design ensure long lasting protection for your UTV.  Featuring a variable speed scavenge fan, at an idle or low RPM’s fan speed is lower allowing you to talk and listen to music without hearing the fan. Stomp that go pedal and the fan instantaneously accelerators to provide maximum protection for your filter.

Various SXS Mounting Options

Using a simple billet clamp design, the Particle Separator can be mounted in many positions on either the upper or lower roll bars of your UTV. It will even accommodate most factory and some aftermarket roof configurations. For those of your running custom cages or roofs, S&B does offer larger clamp and spacer kits, sold separately to fine tune your installation. With installation location in mind, when installed on the upper roll bar, you can expect to take performance to an all-new level from the new ram air effect created on your intake system.

Rugged Terrain is excited to announce our new involvement with such a tried and true brand in the intake and filtering market. With such a strong presence in the space, S&B Filters is a true leader in filtration technology and we’re proud to now offer their full line of products. You’ll no longer have to let dust and debris hinder your UTV adventures after equipping yourself with their Particle Separators and Replacement Air Filters. Discover an all-new joy for exploring the untamed terrains without compromising performance and longevity.

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