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Spending time in the outdoors with your family and friends, ripping the dirt trails, crawling over rocks, or churning your way through mudholes should never have to be cut short because your UTV just isn’t up to snuff. Luckily, for UTV enthusiasts, there are hundreds of aftermarket products available today that can improve your experiences in just about every aspect of off-roading. Looking to spotlight another tried and true Rugged Terrain Trusted Brand, this week we focus on AGM Products of Escondido, CA and a couple of their most popular UTV accessories.


Born out of necessity, AGM Products came from the minds of two off-road racers with no intention of running their own business or offering products to the masses. With experience in racing everything from bicycles to 1200hp off-road Trophy Trucks, Martin Christensen and Bryan Lyttle struggled with finding exactly what they needed for their vehicles to get that competitive edge they were after, so they began crafting what they needed themselves. With years of experience and mechanically inclined backgrounds they started developing the gear and products they needed to succeed, and it evolved into what AGM Products is today.


Extended Range Fuel Tanks

Looking for a better answer to long term expeditions in the back country, AGM wanted to resolve the problems that come from carrying extra fuel. Whether you were just rigging up an extra 5-gallon gas can with a ratchet strap and creating an unforeseen fire hazard or adding aftermarket Jerry can mounts, there had to be a better answer. What they developed was their Extended Fuel Tank kits for UTV’s.


Built for the most popular models on the market today like the Polaris Razor and Can Am X3, these meticulously engineered systems address shortcomings of conventional fuel tanks, offering a heightened level of durability and range for off-road enthusiasts. These tanks not only increase your overall range but nearly doubling your fuel capacity, they ensure reliable, safe, and consistent fuel supply on long trips. Focused on durability, the extra tanks keep the weight of the fuel low in the chassis and centered to not affect overall drivability and handling. Best of all, there are no major modifications required to install the Extended Range kits to your side-by-side and can be added in just a matter of hours. They can completely redefine the possibilities of your UTV.


Portable Electric Jack

In response to the growing demand for efficient and user-friendly tools for your UTV, AGM Products released an all-new portable electric jack, designed to streamline the flat tire experience. The company and powerful jack I equipped with cutting edge technology, enabling users to effortlessly lift a side-by-side with the push of a button. With AGM’s Electric Jack, lifting your vehicle is really that easy, no more cranking, pumping, or straining. Their innovative quick release height adjustment feature also means on-the-fly changes of vehicle height to fine tune things with precision and speed. Using a single Dewalt or Milwaukee drill battery, the jack offers easy portability with no wiring or external power source required for a hassle-free operation. The unique design can lift as much as 2000 pounds without strain and has a 14” of total travel and 17” of total external height adjustment making it perfect for just about any UTV on the market today.  They also offer a Manual Jack and several Jack Accessories.


AGM Products' extended range fuel tanks for UTVs and their portable electric jack represent a significant leap forward in the off-road UTV accessories market and we are proud to offer them here at Rugged Terrain. With a focus on durability, convenience, and enhanced performance, these products redefine the standards of off-road adventures, enabling enthusiasts to explore with confidence and peace of mind. As AGM Products continues to push the boundaries of innovation, the company reaffirms its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the off-road community, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the industry.

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