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TPR010 - RED Billet Valve Cover - RZR

TPR010 - RED Billet Valve Cover - RZR
TPR010 - RED Billet Valve Cover - RZR
TPR010 - RED Billet Valve Cover - RZR
TPR010 - RED Billet Valve Cover - RZR
TPR010 - RED Billet Valve Cover - RZR
TPR010 - RED Billet Valve Cover - RZR
TPR010 - RED Billet Valve Cover - RZR

TPR010 - RED Billet Valve Cover - RZR

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This is the gen 2 TPR valve cover with a variety of features. These valve covers are made in house in the USA and CNC engraved for maximum quality.

Gen 2 Billet Valve Cover -

With the gen 2 valve cover you will have the choice to run your stock plug wires, ProXP coils, MSD coils, TPR Full Flow water kit and can choose to have cam oilers or not. Cam oilers are recommended if you're running fast action aftermarket camshafts.

Full Flow Water Kit Option -

Using this valve cover will also allow you run our full flow water kit design that eliminates the death air pocket that can form in the upper portion of the cylinder head water jacket causing 80% of all head gasket failures and plumbs right into your radiator return line hose. After installing this water kit you'll be able to bleed your coolant from back right of the car in a Head-Ache free area. In pictures above you can see where the water spud from this kit comes through the valve cover. This kit is also available for sale on our website (Part Number - TPR010W) 


Valve Cover Kit Includes -

  • Polaris replacement bolt grommets
  • (1) 6mm ARP bolt
  • Tube of 263 Red Loctite
  • Valve cover of choice
  • MSD Coils w/ ARP bolts & wire harness (If selected)
  • Cam oiler kit (If selected)


Fits Polaris RZR models -

  • XP1000
  • XPTurbo
  • XPTurbo-S
  • RS1


Heat shield modifications -

If you buy a kit with MSD coils or a full flow water kit and carry a lot of weight in your bed you might need to do some heat shield modifications. The factory beds are very flexible and extra weight may cause heat shield to contact the MSD coils and possibly ruin them. Modifications can be made with the following holesaw sizes and measurements in the picture below.


Ignition Code Dwell Table -

MSD coil kits may experience a cold start ignition code, this is due to a variance in ignition dwell timing maps in aftermarket tuners. After a few minutes of engine running the code will usually go away. We have seen about 10% of our customers reporting a cold start code with an aftermarket tune. We have designed a new ignition dwell map that will fix this problem, any shop that has access to your tune can easily load this new dwell table into your machine. 

Polaris MSD ignition dwell table running stock ECU with tuner - 

7 volt - 8.3 ms

8 volt - 5.8 ms

10 volt - 3.4 ms

12 volt - 2.25 ms

14 volt - 1.75 ms

16 volt - 1.5 ms

18 volt - 1.3 ms

For aftermarket ECU and drivers you can run a maximum dwell of 3.4 ms @14V

Increase or decrease by .2 to .4 ms  per volt with a maximum of 4.2 ms


Custom colors and logos -

Please call (619) 562-9894 or email Greg@tprindustry.com

Custom colors and logos have a 2 week lead time. 

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