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Shock Therapy RC2 Shocks | Polaris XP RS1

SKU: 500-1000-05
Shock Therapy RC2 Shocks | Polaris XP RS1
Shock Therapy RC2 Shocks | Polaris XP RS1
Shock Therapy RC2 Shocks | Polaris XP RS1
Shock Therapy RC2 Shocks | Polaris XP RS1

Shock Therapy RC2 Shocks | Polaris XP RS1

SKU: 500-1000-05
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Shock Therapy RC2 Shocks for Polaris XP RS1

**Please note that any Fox RC2 shock set purchased from Shock Therapy is built to order. As such these orders can take from 4 to 6 weeks**

We will call you after purchase to schedule an appointment and get vehicle specific information to ensure the best ride possible for your RZR. Please note shock seal replacement is an additional charge, we can add this to your order when we call if you require this service.

FOX 2.5 Podium RC2 Adjustments

  • Dual Speed Compression (DSC)
  • Wide Range rebound
  • Spring Preload
  • Spring Crossover

FOX 2.5 Podium RC2 Features

  • Bottom-Out Control
  • Genuine Kashima coated Aluminum body and reservoir
  • Aerospace-grade Teflon-lined spherical bearings
  • Tuned for Race, Dune, Trail or Desert terrain
  • Fully rebuildable, serviceable and re-valveable
  • 3.0" ID dual rate race spring
  • 7/8" Hard-chromed shaft
  • Hi flow, precision manufactured damping piston
  • RC2 shocks feature a remote or piggyback reservoir that separates the shock’s oil and gas chambers, as well as a 2.5-inch bore which allows for greater damping force capability –– improving heat dissipation and consistency in damping performance.
  • Same level of compression adjustability as IBP, using DSC
  • The adjustability offered by RC2 shocks is more detailed and precise than the three-position QS3 shocks, making them suitable for users who demand greater control over their UTV’s suspension.
  • The smaller outer shock body on the RC2s compared to the IBPs also allows one to run smaller diameter coil springs, reducing the weight of the system.
  • Utilizes a 2.5 inch piston in both the front and rear shocks.

The Fox RC2 shocks are quite possibly the best Fox shocks made for the XP1000. What about the internal bypass you might say. While they are an amazing shock, the internal bypass uses a 2" diameter piston in the front shocks while the RC2's use a 2.5" piston. Also, since the RC2's use a smaller outer body than the internal bypass does you can run a smaller diameter coil spring which brings the overall weight of a complete set of RC2's down by 40lbs a set compared to the internal bypass shocks. Finally, the RC2's have an external rebound adjustment that the internal bypass's don't offer. Larger front piston, lighter weight and more adjustability add up to serious advantages for you. In addition to those items, Shock Therapy supplies any spring package you need with your purchase. That is right, you can get a custom rate set of springs for your application and needs at no additional cost. RC2's are in stock and ready to ship with any spring package today. Don't wait any longer to get a perfect ride for your XP1000.

Make sure you specify in your notes at the end of your purchase page these items:

Accessories bolted to your car or total vehicle weight

Where you are driving and how you drive

Racing series if your racing

Tire and wheel set up

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