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Power Vision 3 Tune License

Power Vision 3 Tune License

Power Vision 3 Tune License

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 Power Vision 3 Tune License

  • Looking to tune 2 vehicles with your Power Vision 3?  This can be done by purchasing a tune license and new tunes.  We HIGHLY recommend using a new device for each vehicle to keep things less complicated, but you can tune 2 vehicles at once if need be.  The PV3 was designed to be a one vehicle tuner, just keep that in mind as many times it's not worth the hassle to go this route, and better to just purchase another PV3 for that vehicle... especially if you are not computer savvy.  Also keep in mind that you cannot purchase a tune license for the PVCX (older square device) device, so make sure yours looks like the tuner pictured below.   Another note is that the PV3 license will not work between different manufacturers.  **Brands must be the same for this to work**  This will work fine if you sold your original vehicle and are just looking to use the same device on your new vehicle (of the same brand).
  • Tune License Price: $230, this is what DynoJet charges for a license file.  We don't make much on this and simply offer this service as a way to help customers out that really want to tune 2 vehicles, or take the tuner to a new vehicle of the same brand. **AA Dealers: No dealer margin on this product**
  • Tune prices:  $95ea.  Tunes can be purchased online under your model just as if you want to add another tuner to your device.
  • If you choose to go the license route for your 2nd vehicle, the process is as follows:


1.  Purchase a license file & tune file(s) from AA

2.  We would assume that you have flashed the ECU of the vehicle you purchased the tuner for originally (vehicle 1).

3.  Connect the PV3 up to the 2nd vehicle you wish to flash and turn the key to the full run position (which opens communication with the ECU).  This will pull the information from the ECU and tell us important information about the new vehicle, and allow us to build your license file.

4.  Turn the key off and unplug the tuner.  Plug it into your computer.  Send an email to aftermarketassassins@gmail.com and attach the PV_INFO file off of the tuner (POWERVISION folder).  Also, let us know the name your order was placed under.

5.  Allow 24-48 business hours for us to build your tune file(s) and license file.  We will send instructions on how to load the new file, but the short version is to download the license and tune file(s) we send you, then copy/paste them to your POWERVISION drive.

6.  Hook up to the 2nd vehicle and flash the appropriate tune.  The tuner will now work with both vehicles.

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