Performance SXS Bushings A Arm Set | RZR Pro XP | Lifetime Warranty

Polaris RZR Pro XP Front A Arm Bushings - Performance SXS Bushings
Performance SXS Bushings
Performance SXS Bushings - Grease Zerk installation kit

Performance SXS Bushings A Arm Set | RZR Pro XP | Lifetime Warranty

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Performance SXS Bushings
Front A Arm Bushing Set

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Polaris RZR Pro XP (All year models) 



Performance SXS Bushings development team has spent years perfecting the longest lasting bushings on the market. Allowing the customer to replace the stock bushings, yielding much better performance and longevity over manufactures OEM bushings. Performance SXS bushings are CNC machined from Oil Filled UHMW. They are designed and manufactured precisely and include an O-ring seal in order to retain grease, ensuring they are the most reliable and longest lasting bushings available. The bushing pins are made from 1020 steel ensuring the ultimate strength and therefore improving their longevity. All Performance SXS Bushings products are proudly manufactured and shipped from right here in the United States of America!



  • Made in USA!
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • O-Ring Sealed Oil Filled UHMW Bushings


What's Included?

  • Note - Photo will not change to reflect bushing selection.  Photo shown is a complete bushing set.

Front Bushing Set - When purchasing the front bushing set you will receive replacement bushings for all the front A Arm bushings.

Grease Zerk Fitting Kit - When purchasing the grease zerk fitting kit you will receive everything needed to install grease zerk fittings into 4 locations which will allow installation on a full set of A Arms. Included in the kit is one drill bit, one tap, and 4 grease zerk fittings.


Lifetime Warranty:

Performance SXS Bushings offers a lifetime warranty against wear and manufactures defects on all of their bushing kits!


Terms of Warranty:

Products must have been purchased directly from SXS Performance Bushings or one of their authorized dealers and sold directly to the end user.  Bushings must have been greased when installed.  Warranty does not cover damage from a collision, hitting a tree, running off a cliff, rolling your SXS or any other type of hard impact.  

Performance SXS Bushings Grease Zerk Fitting Installation Kit

If not installed from the factory you will need to install grease zerk fittings into the a arms for the warranty to be valid.  Grease zerk fitting installation kits may be purchased with your bushings or you may purchase and install them independently. 

The warranty only covers wear and manufactures defects it does not cover collision or roll over damage.  Defective bushing and pin must be sent back to SXS Performance Bushings to test and inspect.  A copy of your original invoice or sales receipt must be sent in with the item as well.  Lifetime warranty is only valid for the original purchaser.  The customer is responsible for paying shipping for the returned item as well as the new replacement items being sent back.



In order to ensure Rugged Terrain Co. provides our customers with the best experience possible and you get the longest life out of your SXS Performance Bushing kits, we strongly recommend the user installs grease zerk fittings during the initial installation of all SXS Performance Bushing products.  Installing grease fittings and greasing your bushings regularly, will ensure that your busing kit is covered by SXS Performance Bushings lifetime warranty and you get the longest life possible out of all bushings bushings. 

Grease Zerk Fitting Installation:


Performance SXS Bushings grease zerk kit will come with one drill bit, one tap, and the correct amount of grease zerk fittings for your application.  First select a location on the top side of the A Arm bushing housing and drill a hole.  Be sure to drill the hole in the center of the housing and that as the A Arm rotates it isn't in a location that it can impact the frame (see photo).  It may help to use a punch to mark the spot first as drilling on a rounded surface can be difficult and this will help the drill bit avoid slipping.  Next use the tap and slowly tap the hole.  It may be beneficial to use a penetrating oil such as WD-40 or equivalent.  Once the hole is tapped, clean the hole and bushings housing thoroughly with brake cleaner and an air hose.  Then simply screw in the new grease zerk fittings and tighten them down.

Bushing Installation:

On the small bushing with metal caps you do not need to install a grease fitting in this location. Use a socket of appropate size to press the plastic bushing in. Pack with grease then use a vise to press both stainless caps in at the same time.

Other locations install grease fittings first. Then use a rubber mallet (Do not use a vise on these) to gently tap BOTH bushings in each end, being sure the O-ring is facing the outside. Pack with grease inside and on pin. With opposite side on a solid surface use a mallet to tap the steel pin all the way in.  Once the bushings are properly installed and a arms are on the machine, use a grease gun connected to the grease zerk fittings to pump grease into the bushing. You should pump grease until you feel resistance and then stop, do not force grease in after you begin to feel resistance as this could damage the O-ring seals. You should try to pump grease into the grease zerk fitting at each maintenance interval but after the initial installation they should not take much, if any grease.


What Grease Should I Use?

Performance SXS Bushings recommends you use "Green Grease" waterproof grease or Bell Ray waterproof grease.  See images below.





What Is UHMW?

UHMW stands for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene.  This material is a strong and versatile polyethylene plastic that has an extensive amount of benefits that make it a superior alternative to other types of plastics available on the market.  UHMW offers high abrasion, impact, and wear resistance, while remaining relatively lightweight.  


How is UHMW used?

UHMW is used in a wide variety of items from body armor, bearings, guide rails, marine docks, and much more.  It's an excellent material for many applications due to its high abrasion resistance and longevity.  It's the best option for bushings because with a small amount of grease it has a very minimal amount wear over a long period of time and use.  It's so wear resistant that Performance SXS Bushings offers a lifetime warranty on all their bushings! 

Installation Instructions not currently available online

The A-arm bushings in a Polaris RZR should be replaced when they show signs of wear, such as excessive looseness, cracking, or squeaking. It's also a good idea to inspect them regularly and replace them as part of your routine maintenance schedule to ensure optimal performance and safety.
We recommends you use "Green Grease" waterproof grease or Bell Ray waterproof grease. Both options will help ensure you will get the longest life out of your bushings.
To avoid the risk of immediate failure of the bushings in your Polaris RZR, it's advisable to install new ones whenever you are replacing A Arms or other related components. During removal and reinstallation, bushings can get damaged, leading to problems down the line. We always recommend to install new bushings as a preventative measure whenever replacing related parts.
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