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L&W Fab Factory Style Tie Rods | RZR S 900 / S 1000

SKU: 8582-19736
L&W Fab Factory Style Tie Rods (RZR S 900 / S 1000)
L&W Fab Factory Style Tie Rods (RZR 900 S/ 1000 S)

L&W Fab Factory Style Tie Rods | RZR S 900 / S 1000

SKU: 8582-19736
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L&W Fab Factory Style Tie Rods
Polaris RZR S 900 / S 1000


This listing is for 900 S / 1000 S Tie Rods, these are for the "S" models ONLY!


Are you ready to upgrade your tie rods and have the piece of mind that you no long have a weak link in your steering?  Then a set of L&W Fab Tie Rods are the way to go.  L&W Fab's upgraded billet tie rods are factory style with a ball and socket and are designed to handle the toughest conditions.  They arrive ready to install and include new spindle ends.  They are made of billet aluminum and come with a life time warranty on the rods and an 18 month warranty on the HD ends.

Why upgrade your tie rods?

Upgrading the tie rods on a Polaris RZR can improve the overall handling and stability of the vehicle. The tie rods are responsible for connecting the steering rack to the steering knuckles. The factory tie rods on the RZR are a known weak point and may not be able to withstand the stress of extended off-road use or high-performance driving. L&W Fabs upgraded billet tie rods are stronger and more durable, which can help to prevent failure and improve the longevity of the vehicle. Additionally, the upgraded tie rods also offer additional adjustability, which can help to fine-tune the handling characteristics of the RZR.


  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Sold as a set
  • Includes Spindle Ends

Tie Rods:

  • Lifetime Warranty on the billet aluminum rods.
  • Made from 6061 Aluminum. 
  • Made 100% In USA!

HD Rebuild-able Tie Rod Ends:

  • Fully rebuildable
  • Comes assembled with grease ready for installation
  • Heat treated 4140 Black oxide finished
  • Proudly Made 100% In USA!
  • HD Ends have a 18 month warranty.
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