L&W Fab 2" Forward A-Arms With Adjustable Lowers (RZR S 900 / S 1000)

L&W Fab 2" Forward A-Arms With Adjustable Lowers Polaris RZR S 900 / S 1000)
L&W Fab 2" Forward A-Arms With Adjustable Lowers (RZR S 900 / S 1000)

L&W Fab 2" Forward A-Arms With Adjustable Lowers (RZR S 900 / S 1000)

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L&W Fab 2" Forward A-Arms With Adjustable Lowers for RZR S 900 / S 1000

These A Arms are for the RZR 900S and 1000S models only.

They are the Front A Arms only.

These A Arms take 2017+ bushings only.

Installation Instructions not currently available online

The benefit of installing high clearance A-Arms on a Polaris RZR is improved ground clearance and typically a much more durable A Arm over OEM. This enables the vehicle to navigate through rough terrain without the risk of damaging or bending a lower A Arm. High clearance A-Arms can help to prevent the bottom of the vehicle from scraping against rocks, logs, and other obstacles, reducing the risk of damage to the vehicle's undercarriage. They can also provide better handling and stability, especially when driving over uneven terrain.
Forward A-Arms on a Polaris RZR offer several benefits, including improved stability, better handling, and the ability to utilize larger tires. By extending the wheelbase forward, forward A-Arms help to distribute weight more evenly across the vehicle, resulting in increased stability and reduced body roll when cornering. They also provide more clearance for larger tires and can help to prevent the tires from rubbing against the vehicle's body or suspension components. Additionally, forward A-Arms can help to improve the vehicle's approach angle, allowing it to tackle steeper inclines and obstacles with greater ease.
Whether you need factory ball joints or Keller MEGA ball joints for your Polaris RZR depends on your specific needs and preferences. Factory ball joints are typically designed to meet the original equipment manufacturer's specifications and are suitable for most applications. On the other hand, Keller MEGA ball joints are engineered to be stronger and more durable than factory ball joints. They are often preferred by riders who frequently ride their SXS in rocky or harsher conditions. They provide increased strength and longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacement. Ultimately, the choice between factory ball joints and Keller MEGA ball joints depends on your individual requirements and budget. If you plan to engage in heavy-duty off-roading or want to maximize the durability and longevity of your ball joints, Keller MEGA ball joints may be the better choice. However, if you primarily use your Polaris RZR for casual trail riding and do not require the additional strength and durability, factory ball joints may be sufficient. If you choose to go with the Keller MEGA Ball Joints you will need to purchase all 4 A Arms as well as Keller MEGA Ball Joints as the factory ball joints will not fit in your new A Arms.
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