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Aftermarket Assassin S2 Clutch Kit | 2017+ Can-Am Maverick X3

SKU: 102-1008-A
Aftermarket Assassin S2 Clutch Kit | 2017-2022  Can Am X3 S2 Clutch Kit
Aftermarket Assassin S2 Clutch Kit

Aftermarket Assassin S2 Clutch Kit | 2017+ Can-Am Maverick X3

SKU: 102-1008-A
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2017-2022 Can Am Maverick X3 Turbo: 120hp, 154hp, or 172hp Base Models: 2 & 4 Seat

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Aftermarket Assassin Stage 2 Clutch Kit for 2017+ Can Am Maverick X3 / X3 Max

*Does not work with RR models or P-Drive clutches


These Stage 2 X3 clutch kits deliver powerful performance across all terrains with wicked acceleration and instant clutch response. Whether on trails, races, or dunes, you'll experience reduced bogging and maintained RPM for swift navigation. Mud setup enhances traction, while smooth engagement makes rock crawling confident and precise. Backed by extensive CVT knowledge and real-world testing, our clutch kits ensure a substantial performance gain, reflecting our passion for off-roading excellence.


  • Stage 2 kits include our AA Recoil magnetic adjustable clutch weights, our primary spring & setup guideline
  • fully adjustable magnetic weights are user-friendly and easily adjustable with the help of our special tool
  • Adjustable from 50 to 64 grams, our weights feature increased tip weight, providing a heavier feel for enhanced acceleration and upshifting
  • Cooler running belt temps from a more efficient power transfer which results in longer belt and clutch life
  • Utilizes the BEST coating on the market (nitrocarburizing)
  • Enhanced wear resistance, improved fatigue strength, and added surface lubricity
  • Versatile tuning for various applications or future modifications without requiring extra parts
  • Target peak RPM for stock or any other tune with the rev limit set between 8300-8700 RPM is 7700-7900 RPM.  For AA tunes and other tunes with an 8800-9000 RPM rev limit, target should be 7900-8300.  Testing should be done on a somewhat level ground from a 10-20mph roll on to full WOT and RPM checked as passing by 55-60MPH



Select your exact year/model which lets us know what weights to send you as the clutch casting is different between some years and models. 2017 X3's and 2018 120HP Base X3's (Kit 108-1008-A) use the same clutch movable sheave casting (OEM Part #420280608), while 2018-21 172HP X3's (Kit 108-1008-B) use the new style clutch casting (OEM Part # 420280461) with the metal sliders. This is a very minor change, but our weights are tight enough to need proper clearance for each specific casting. If you upgraded your older style casting to a new one, please let us know in the order notes.

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