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Aftermarket Assassins Helix Kit | 2018+ Can Am X3 Adjustable

SKU: 108-1040
Aftermarket Assassins Helix Kit | 2018+ Can Am X3 Adjustable
Aftermarket Assassins Helix Kit | 2018+ Can Am X3 Adjustable

Aftermarket Assassins Helix Kit | 2018+ Can Am X3 Adjustable

SKU: 108-1040
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2018-Up X3

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Aftermarket Assassins Helix Kit for 2018+ Can-Am X3 Adjustable


Introducing the Adjustable Helix Kit for the 2018-Up X3 base models with 172HP, 195HP, and 200HP. This versatile kit can also be used with 154HP and 120HP models, though base setups for these models are not available yet.

For the 172HP X3 R Model, this helix offers a more aggressive performance, significantly improving upshift for harder acceleration while maintaining excellent RPM ramp-up. When installed in hole C1, you can expect a drop in RPM of approximately 200-300 RPM. For the best results, we recommend pairing this helix with our clutch kit containing all 6 arms. If you already have our 3-arm clutch kit, simply email us to get the other 3 arms and the green primary spring. You may also consider increasing secondary spring tension, but this could slightly affect acceleration, depending on the tires and terrain you ride on.

For the 195-200HP X3 RR Model, this helix is compatible with a stock primary setup but will require some fine-tuning. We highly recommend installing our S3 clutch kit, which includes the helix, primary weights, and spring, offering an upgrade from our S2 kit that lacks the helix.

Choose between two helix styles:
1. Performance Helix 1053 - Aggressive design for drivers seeking acceleration, higher horsepower, and aggressive fast-paced driving.
2. High-Load Helix 1050 - Slightly less aggressive than the 1053 helix, offering good acceleration gains and power transfer, designed for heavier vehicles, heavier tires, heavy sand loads, or crawling-type riding.

The Adjustable Helix allows for easy fine-tuning, providing quick adjustments to dial in your peak RPM for optimum performance. This feature is especially beneficial for riders who frequently switch tires or ride in different terrains like dunes and trails.

The kit includes:
- AA Adjustable Helix and Helix Adjustment Tools
- A must-have for tire changes, machine tuning, or when running paddles
- Provides excellent acceleration gains and improved power transfer to the rear wheels

To assist with the installation, a Helix Installation Video is available at this link: [insert YouTube link]

Please note that a clutch compression tool is required for helix installation, which you can find as a drop-down option on our website.

After extensive testing, we found that the stock secondary spring performs exceptionally well among 50+ tested springs. The target peak RPM for stock or any other tune with a rev limit set between 8300-8700 RPM is 7700-7900 RPM. For AA tunes and other tunes with an 8800-9000 RPM rev limit, the target should be 7900-8300 RPM. We recommend conducting testing on somewhat level ground, starting from a 10-20MPH roll and reaching full WOT, with RPM checked as you pass by 55-60MPH.

Part Number: 108-1040

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