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Aftermarket Assassins S2 Clutch Kit | 2020-Up RZR Pro XP

SKU: 102-1017
Aftermarket Assassins S2 Clutch Kit | 2020-Up RZR Pro XP
Aftermarket Assassins S2 Clutch Kit | 2020-Up RZR Pro XP

Aftermarket Assassins S2 Clutch Kit | 2020-Up RZR Pro XP

SKU: 102-1017
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2020 and newer RZR Pro XP Models, 2 and 4-seat versions.

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Aftermarket Assassins S2 Clutch Kit | 2020-Up RZR Pro XP 


Designed to fit 2020 and newer RZR Pro XP Models, both 2 and 4-seat versions. 

S2 Recoil Clutch Kits deliver remarkable performance! Whether you're navigating diverse terrains, the impact they provide is substantial and enduring. Regardless of whether you're on the trail or the race track, you'll experience impressive acceleration and immediate clutch response when re-engaging the throttle after taking a corner aggressively. In sand dunes, the benefits are similarly impressive, and you'll encounter reduced bogging during climbs on elevated dunes. Your vehicle will sustain RPM levels effectively, ensuring swift and efficient movement.

For mud enthusiasts, our mud setup elevates wheel-turning capability in thick and deep mud, enhancing RPM and wheel speed crucial for extricating yourself from challenging scenarios. Drawing from extensive CVT expertise and a profound love for the sport, we've invested countless hours testing various configurations in real-world conditions. We are confident that our clutch kits will offer you an exceptional boost in performance.

One of the major hurdles with Pro XP clutching is insufficient belt grip. The initial Pro XP models featured a soft secondary spring that caused belt slippage upon full shift. While a stiffer secondary spring was introduced to address this, the issue now revolves around excessively high revving with that spring, resulting in a compromised belt grip. S2 kits counteract this by integrating a stiffer secondary spring that enhances belt grip further, along with the appropriate primary weight/spring combination to achieve optimal RPM.

Elevating the S2 package, our S3 clutch kit includes all components found in the S2 and introduces the helix. The helix imparts a more aggressive shift to the secondary clutch, leading to remarkable acceleration gains and a sensation akin to having your throttle linked directly to the rear wheels. These kits function well with both stock and modified machines, yet the S3 variant is especially suited for tuned vehicles.

Suitable for tire sizes ranging from 28" to 33" and paddle sizes between 28" and 32", these kits are indispensable for tuning your Pro XP to channel power effectively to the wheels, thwarting belt slippage. The result is amplified throttle response both on and off the throttle, heightened power transfer to the wheels, consistent clutch performance, cooler belt temperatures (particularly when equipped with larger tires or paddles), and extended belt and clutch longevity.

Recoil clutch weights are not only easily adjustable through magnets but they are also custom-designed with an optimal AA profile. They feature an exceptional nitrocarburizing coating that enhances wear resistance, fatigue strength, and surface lubricity. These weights facilitate superior performance and the flexibility to fine-tune for varying applications or future modifications without necessitating additional part purchases. Magnetic weights are an ideal choice to position mass optimally for your application's peak performance.

Included in each kit are AA Recoil magnetic adjustable clutch weights, and primary and secondary springs. Optional add-ons are available, such as Butter shift washers for slightly increased spring pressure, smoother shifts, and reduced clutch harmonics. We strongly recommend utilizing our Stryker Belt for enhanced clutch grip. The installation of our Revolver Billet Clutch Cover with Tower Lock is highly recommended due to the inherent weaknesses of the P90X clutch design. Our Primary Clutch Limiter is equally crucial to prevent the clutch over-shift belt from rubbing against the clutch housing.

For 2020 models, a future upgrade to the S3 kit is simplified (requiring only the purchase of the helix). The sole specialized tool required is our Compression Tool #1. In the event of alignment discrepancies, P90X Secondary Clutch Alignment Shim Kit (Part number: 102-1012) can be employed to ensure proper setup.

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Kit Components:
- AA Recoil magnetic adjustable clutch weights
- Primary spring
- Secondary spring

Optional Add-ons:
- Butter shift washers
- Stryker Belt (Recommended)
- Revolver Billet Clutch Cover with Tower Lock (Highly Recommended)
- Primary Clutch Limiter

For 2020 models, transitioning to the S3 kit in the future is straightforward (helix purchase required).

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