Why L&W Fab is One of Our Most Trusted Brands

Why L&W Fab is One of Our Most Trusted Brands

While the major UTV manufacturers have been pumping out some incredible off-road machines in factory form, it’s no secret that the side-by-side market has exploded with aftermarket support. The factory machines of today are more capable than ever and continue to evolve into faster, more nimble, and more effective weekend trail fun-getters. The new suspensions get more travel and bigger shocks every year. The engine’s gain a few cc’s of displacement or larger turbochargers. And the complete driving experience from the cockpit of both the 2-seater and 4-seater machines becomes more ergonomic with every new model released. 

With all that said, the list of aftermarket upgrades for the most popular UTV’s is virtually endless. Whether you want to upgrade the interior with a sound system, add some beefier tires, or some additional exterior protection, there are literally hundreds of options to build exactly what you’re after. But when we look at the SXS protection and suspension market, the Top three upgrades we see on orders coming through the RuggedTerrain.com website are generally High Clearance Radius Rods, High Clearance Control Arms, and Tree Kickers.

Through our years of growing Rugged Terrain UTV Accessories, we’ve developed some great relationships with some of the best manufacturers and suppliers in the UTV market today and have created what we refer to as ‘Trusted Brands’ on our website. With our new blog series kicking off, we’ve opted to spotlight a few of our most trusted brands and chose to highlight our friends at L&W Fab out of Temple, GA who just happen to be one of the true leaders in those previously mentioned Top Three upgrade categories.

L&W Fabrication started clear back in 1974 as just a simple tool and die machine shop out of the basement of Lonnie and Willa Mae Thompsons home. Since that time, they’ve evolved that small ‘mom and pop’ business into what now fills a 22,000sq-ft state-of-the-art fabrication facility. Now run by brothers Barry and Ricky Thompson, it’s morphed into multiple specialties through shifts in the economy. They really started making a name for themselves in the off-roading industry after getting into the mud truck scene about ten years ago, developing and producing hand fabricated parts for mega mud trucks which then led to the specializing in the UTV markets.

With all the latest fabrication equipment all in-house they’ve created a laundry list of products to turn your somewhat capable stock side by side into a true trail tamer with added strength, durability, and capability. The in-house CNC Lathe, Mill, Break Press, and Plasma table along with robotic welders ensure every part is made to exacting specifications for that perfect fit every single time. Using only the best steel, engineering and fabrication processes, their suspension parts are top of the line. Covered with a Lifetime Warranty, L&W Fab is a product line we’re proud to offer. When we refer to them as a ‘Trusted Brand’ it comes with years of experience installing, testing, and recommending their products to customers that report back on a regular basis with nothing but excellent reviews.

L&W Fab Radius Rods

L&W Fab Radius Rods

Whether you’re ripping up the trails in Polaris RZR or Can Am X3, the High Clearance Radius Rods from L&W Fab are the ultimate bolt-in replacement parts. Built specifically for each OEM application, these come available for 2-seater and 4-seater models and were designed to increase ground clearance while offering great looks and functionality. The High Clearance Radius Rods can be a real game changer for everyone from mild trail runners to pure off-road enthusiasts looking for the next obstacle.

Offered with replaceable bushings, the 6160 aluminum can handle even the toughest terrain and outdoor conditions from mud, rocks and snow. Factory radius rods are known for bending and breaking in extreme off-roading situations, but don’t let those failures leave you stranded in the backcountry ever again with the installation of L&W’s High Clearance Radius Rod kits. The arched lower design gives you that added ground clearance for a more capable off-road machine while increasing durability and looks.

High Clearance Control Arms

L&W Fab A Arms / Control Arms

A common failure point on any UTV when spending time out in the woods or crawling on the rocks in the factory Control Arms also known as A-Arms. As one of the most exposed parts of your suspension, the lower control arms can take a true beating while off-roading and if you use your rig for more than the joy ride around the block, it’s likely you’ll replace the factory units at some point in time as a side by side owner. Whether you bend up a factory one after sliding off a massive rock wrong, or clip a stump rallying around a mountain trail, upgrading the stock pieces with the High Clearance Control Arm kits from L&W Fab can save you some future headaches.

Built from 1 1/4" tubing with .120 wall thickness, these A-arms carry some beef that will no doubtedly hold up better than the stock arms ever could. With your choice of ball joint and bushings, you can make these as tough as you need for your riding style. L&W’s unique design on the lower control arm also offers a substantial increase in ground clearance, meaning you’ll clear bigger obstacles with ease. Like their radius rods, you’ll also carry the peace of mind knowing they’ll handle any abuse you can throw at them and are covered by a Lifetime Warranty as well.

Tree Kickers

L&W Fab Tree Kickers / Rock Sliders

Now that’s a term you won’t likely hear outside of the side by side space. What are UTV Tree Kickers? Why do you need Tree Kickers? And why do we recommend L&W Fab Tree Kickers? More commonly known as Rock Sliders, these are steel tubes that bolt on to the sides of your machine to offer excellent body protection, but with some flare. A kickout flare to be exact, while standard rock sliders are usually just a straight tube that runs the length of the body to keep rocks and stumps from basing the side of the body, a Tree Kicker introduces some shape at the back of the slider that flares out widening the protection area to deflect obstacles from the rear tire.  

While a Tree Kicker isn’t as commonly known as a Rock Slider, for those of you that do a lot of back country trail riding, or high speed windy trails, the Tree Kicker can mean the difference between some scratched up powder coat or entirely ripping off a rear suspension and wheel assembly. The design of a Tree Kicker is such that if you were to cut a corner too sharp and catch a tree with the body of the machine, rather than that tree finding its way directly back into the rear control arms and tire, the flared tube assembly will push that machine sideways, deflecting that tree around the rear tire assembly, saving you on the extensive repair bill that would come from it. For an avid rock crawler your standard Rock Slide may be a suitable option, but for trail riders, mountain goers, or anyone encountering trees or large obstacles on the trail the Tree Kicker can be a real lifesaver. 

The L&W Fab Tree Kicker kits require no drilling and use heavy duty .120 wall thickness tubing and can be powder coated in most popular covers, offering both stylish looks and excellent protection while off-roading. When paired with the High Clearance Radius Rods and Control Arm kits, the Tree Kicker kits complete your ultimate UTV durability and protection package while adding stylish good looks and eliminating the worry of your UTV being beaten up and stranded in the woods. 

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