Why American Made Steel Matters For Your SXS / UTV Parts

When it comes to A Arms, Radius Rods, Tree KickersBumpers, and more for your SXS, it’s important to ensure you’re getting quality products made from quality steel. There are several manufacturers on the market and one of the biggest complaints we hear is “I bought a set of A Arms, Tree kickers, etc. and after a few rides they’re bent or dented.” When you spend your hard earned money on upgrades for your UTV you want to ensure they’re actually upgrades, not just low quality replacement parts.  Rugged Terrain researches and sources only the highest quality manufacturers such as Deviant Race Parts, L&W Fab, FastLab UTV, and more so you don’t have to!  We offer them all in one place so you don’t have to worry about buying from multiple locations to get the parts you need.  

What is the difference between American Made Steel and Chinese Made Steel? Besides supporting American companies, why do you really care?  We break the differences in Production and Quality Standards down for you. Our goal at Rugged Terrain is to ensure you are making an informed decision when purchasing parts for your Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Honda, or Yamaha so you can get the best part to fit your needs and budget. 

Production Processes:

American-Made Steel: Steel production in the United States adheres to stricter environmental and labor regulations. American companies use advanced technologies and quality control measures, resulting in consistent and reliable steel production.

Chinese-Made Steel: China is a major global steel producer, but some Chinese manufacturers have faced criticism for using less stringent production methods, which has lead to lower quality and potential environmental concerns.

Quality Standards:

American-Made Steel: Steel produced in the United States tends adheres to higher quality standards such as ASTM, and is driven by strict regulatory requirements along with a history of technological advancements. These strict standards lead to predictable and consistent material properties.

Chinese-Made Steel: While there are high-quality steel manufacturers in China, there have been instances of substandard or counterfeit steel products entering the market. This has led to concerns about the reliability of certain Chinese-made steel.

 American-made steel is inherently better to use in UTV / SXS parts compared to steel from other countries due to the quality control testing that is required. The quality of steel depends on various factors, including the manufacturing process, the specific alloy used, and the quality control measures in place. Steel production standards and technology can vary significantly between countries and American made steel is required to undergo rigorous testing before being sold to ensure it meets the quality standards.  Chinese companies are not required to perform these tests.  These tests ensure the steel won’t become brittle or begin to crack while it’s being welded.

There several reasons why people prefer American made steel for UTV / SXS parts:

  1. Quality Control: American steel manufacturers typically have strict quality control standards and regulations as well as presale testing, which leads to a consistent and reliable product and ensures required quality standards are met.
  2. Proximity and Supply Chain: Using locally sourced materials, including steel, often reduces supply chain issues and leads to quicker delivery times and ensures production isn’t delayed.
  3. Supporting the Local Economy: Many manufacturers choose American-made steel to support domestic industry and help grow our local economy. Rugged Terrain believes heavily in supporting as many local businesses as possible.
  4. Environmental and Ethical Considerations: Manufacturing processes in the United States are subject to much stricter environmental and ethical regulations. While China steel manufacturers carbon emissions are two times greater than US steel manufacturers.

When selecting steel for UTV parts or any other application, manufacturers consider factors such as the steel manufacturer's reputation, material specifications, testing and any relevant certifications. Our manufacturers such as AJK Offroad, Dirt Specialties, Sandcraft RCR, etc. do extensive research into their steel suppliers to ensure the products they deliver are of the highest quality and will withstand the abuse a UTV / SXS is designed to deliver. They choose to use American Made steel not only because of the strict manufacturing guidelines and quality of steel that is delivered, but also because like us, they strive to support local businesses and grow our local economy instead of sending money overseas.

Lifetime Quality:

Due to the rigorous standards and certifications that American Made Steel is required to meet, it drastically reduces imperfections and impurities in the raw steel. Eliminating impurities and imperfections reduces the likelihood of structural failure. Parts made with US steel are less likely to have premature failure and are much more likely to last the test of time even in the harshest conditions.

In conclusion Rugged Terrain seeks out local American manufacturing companies to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products available. We don’t believe sacrificing a quality to make a few extra dollars is the right way to conduct business. We strive hard to ensure that our manufacturers produce the highest quality products followed up by our


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