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Rhino Lights Street Legal Kit | Connex Pro

SKU: 2062
Rhino Lights Connex Pro Board - Street Legal Lighting Kit
Rhino Lights Street Legal Kit | Connex Pro
Rhino Lights Street Legal Kit | Connex Pro
Rhino Lights Street Legal Kit | Connex Pro
Rhino Lights Connex Pro Board Wiring Diagram

Rhino Lights Street Legal Kit | Connex Pro

SKU: 2062
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Rhino Lights Connex Pro Board - Turn your Rhino lights into a Street Legal Kit


    Rhino Lights has released their Rhino Connex Pro Board an upgraded more evolved addon system for our Rhino Lights System!! After developing an industry first Turn signal, Braking and reverse functionality addon board for our whips we collected feedback and developed a Pro Version. Introducing the first addon board that allows you the most flexibility of any system on the market to date. 

    This kit will allow you to incorporate your Rhino Whips, Rock Lights, and Halo's into an unprecedented street legal kit.  This isn't your standard street legal kit, the Connex Pro Board gives you full control over your lights and what they do when activated.  Check out the video below for a full demonstration of what the Connex Pro Board is capable of!

    Key Features:

    • Made in America!
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Syncs with Rhino's Whips, Halos and Rock Lights
    • Patriot Mode - Red / White / Blue Patterns 
    • Strobe Mode - 5 strobe mode speeds.
    • External and Internal Blinking Capability - Allows to tie in external turn signal module to our system
    • S.O.S Mode that Strobes Amber/White or Red/Blue throughout the whole system.
    • 12v Outputs for L / R Turn Signal to connect external lights via relays.
    • Street Only Mode - Ability to Turn the lights black ( OFF ) with a flick of a switch, but keeps the turn signal, reverse and braking functions
    • With this board the possible are limitless!

    This board has 5 output channels:  

    • Left / Right Full feature channel with Turn signal, braking and reversing functionality. 

    • Left / Right Turn signal only that only reacts when the turn signal is activated.

    • Pass through channel that is not effected by any triggers ( Turn Signal, Brake, Reverse ) and just displays the patterns / colors from the controller or Patriot, S.O.S or Strobe Modes.

    These channels allow you to have full control over you system, to tie in what products you want to what ever channel you want. Want your side mirrors and halos to have turn signal functionality? Done. Want to tie in your front left and right rock lights into the turn signal functionality channel, you can, Want your rear rock lights to activate on turn signal, braking and reverse? You can!

      Why Rhino?

      Some of the differences between Rhino Whips and other manufactures. 

      • Durability, a combination of a rigid whip and a custom made spring base to absorb impacts from tree branches or even roll overs means you won't need to use Rhino's lifetime warranty. After all, lifetime warranties are great, but products that don't break are even better! 
      • Brightness, they are substantially brighter than other manufacturers and display a clean white light even though they are RGB. 
      • How and where they're made is important to us.  We at Rugged Terrain strive to bring our customers as many American Made product options as possible. Rhino lights are all made here in the USA with in house manufactured products, even the whip tape is manufactured by Rhino and is printed with their logo.

      Can I use an app on my phone?

      Yes, an app is required to run the Rhino Music Bluetooth Controller.  It can be added to one or multiple phones.  Download the "LED Chord" app from your App Store.  The icon is displayed below.

      LED Chord App

      Download LED Chord:

      Google Play Store

      Apple App Store

      Rugged Terrain's Testimonial:

      We at Rugged Terrain cartwheeled our Can-Am X3 at about 55mph, totaled the cage, broke the windshield and scratched every body panel on the car but both whips still worked perfectly and weren't bent or broken.  There were some scratches to the top cap, but other than that you'd never have known what they just went through.

      Connex Pro Demo Video


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