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Aftermarket Assassins S3 Clutch Kit with Adjustable Helix | 2020-21 Can Am X3 RR

SKU: 103-1015
Aftermarket Assassins S3 Clutch Kit with Adjustable Helix | 2020+ Can Am X3 RR

Aftermarket Assassins S3 Clutch Kit with Adjustable Helix | 2020-21 Can Am X3 RR

SKU: 103-1015
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2020-21 Can-Am Maverick X3 RR

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Aftermarket Assassins S3 Clutch Kit with Adjustable Helix for 2020+ Can-Am X3 RR 


S3 X3 clutch kits are designed to deliver an incredible performance boost for your Can-Am Maverick X3 RR. Regardless of the terrain you ride on, these kits pack a powerful punch and keep pulling for days. Whether you're hitting the trail or racing, you'll notice wicked acceleration and instant clutch response as you get back into the throttle after taking that corner.

In the dunes, you'll experience the same benefits, with significantly reduced bogging when climbing those massive dunes. The machine will hold RPM so you can easily reach your destination faster than ever before. If you're going mudding, our mud setup will help you turn those tires through thick and deep mud, providing better RPM and wheel speed, crucial for climbing out of tricky holes.

Rock crawlers fear not! Our clutch kit offers smooth engagement and precise control at low speeds, giving you the confidence to conquer any obstacle in your path. We take immense pride in our CVT knowledge and passion for the sport, and countless hours of real-world testing have gone into perfecting these setups.

With the 3-cylinder motors in the 2020-21 Can-Am Maverick X3 RR, these vehicles love to rev. However, the factory clutches tend to be heavy, leading to a slow RPM ramp-up. Our custom cut fully adjustable helix included in this kit is a game-changer. It features a quick-click secondary design, proven effective on numerous other vehicles since 2008, and is now adapted to the X3 platform. This helix angle significantly improves acceleration, allowing RPM to ramp up quickly from the start and deliver wicked acceleration at higher speeds.

Choose from two helix styles to suit your driving preferences and vehicle setup. The Performance Helix 1053 is ideal for aggressive drivers seeking high acceleration and higher horsepower. On the other hand, the High Load Helix 1050 offers slightly less aggression but still provides excellent acceleration gains and power transfer for heavier vehicles, tires, or sand load, as well as crawling-type riding.

The S3 Kit includes:

  1. 6 AA Recoil magnetic adjustable clutch weights
  2. Primary spring
  3. AA adjustable helix
  4. Helix adjustment tool & setup guidelines

Our setup guidelines will assist you in configuring the weights for various scenarios, such as stock horsepower to 220 RWHP, different tire sizes (28" - 35"), paddle tires (28-32"), altitudes, and more. The primary weights are adjustable from 50 to 64 grams, featuring more tip weight, resulting in harder acceleration and upshifting—a must-have when changing tires, tuning your machine, or running paddles.

With this kit and our Stryker belts (boost belt), we've rigorously tested thousands of hard miles in the dunes & trails at higher horsepower levels with ZERO belt failures. You'll experience significant acceleration gains and better power transfer to the rear wheels, all while maintaining close-to-stock engagement for smooth starts (Higher engagement options are available if needed).

Our Recoil clutch weights are equipped with magnets for easy adjustability. They boast a custom AA profile and the BEST coating on the market (nitrocarburizing), providing increased wear resistance, improved fatigue strength, and enhanced surface lubricity. The magnetic weights enable precise weight placement, ensuring optimal performance for your specific application. Additionally, these weights offer excellent performance and the flexibility to tune for different applications or future modifications without the need to purchase extra parts.

To install this clutch kit, you will need our special clutch tool, clutch compression tool, and clutch puller, all of which are available for purchase.

Check out our installation videos for the primary and secondary clutches:

  1. Primary Installation video: [Link Here]
  2. Secondary Installation Video: [Link Here]

For optimal performance with various tunes and rev limits, we recommend target peak RPM values within specific ranges, as detailed below:

  1. For stock or tunes with a rev limit set between 8300-8700 RPM: The target peak RPM is 7700-7900 RPM.
  2. For AA tunes and other tunes with an 8800-9000 RPM rev limit: The target peak RPM should be 7900-8300 RPM.

To properly test RPM, conduct tests on level ground, starting from a 10-20 MPH roll-on to full WOT, and check RPM when passing by 55-60 MPH.

Part number: 103-1015

Get ready to unleash the full power potential of your Can-Am Maverick X3 RR with the S3 X3 Clutch Kit!

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