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Aftermarket Assassins Stage 4 (275 HP) Lock & Load Kit | 2022+ Pro-R 4 Cylinder

SKU: 113-1017-4
Aftermarket Assassins Stage 4 (275 HP) Lock & Load Kit  | 2022+ Pro-R 4 Cylinder
Aftermarket Assassins Stage 4 (275 HP) Lock & Load Kit  | 2022+ Pro-R 4 Cylinder
Aftermarket Assassins Stage 4 (275 HP) Lock & Load Kit  | 2022+ Pro-R 4 Cylinder
Aftermarket Assassins Stage 4 (275 HP) Lock & Load Kit  | 2022+ Pro-R 4 Cylinder

Aftermarket Assassins Stage 4 (275 HP) Lock & Load Kit | 2022+ Pro-R 4 Cylinder

SKU: 113-1017-4
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2022+ Polaris RZR Pro R 4

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Aftermarket Assassins Stage 4 (275 HP) Lock & Load Kit  | 2022+ Pro-R 4 Cylinder 


  • Lock and load your Polaris Pro R 4 cylinder and get ready for some serious kick!  The Pro R is an awesome machine, but Polaris left a ton of room for improvement on the table.  This simple kit is the best way to wake up your Pro R as it comes with our proven ECU flash. The ECU flash adds some amazing horsepower from low end to high end RPM and really gives your machine that "snap" you're looking for.  Our AA Stage 3 clutch kit compliments the tuning perfectly by more efficiently transferring power to the wheels and ridding yourself of the very lazy factory clutching setup and poor belt grip.  We finish out the kit with our AA RZR Pro-R full exhaust (head pipe and muffler) and it's just what your machine needs!  We set out to produce an exhaust that looks great, sounds great and has adjustable sound levels while producing the most power possible.
  • Kit includes AA stage 3 ECU flash for 2022-Up RZR Pro R 4 Cylinder Models **Requires ECU to be sent in for programming/unlocking unless choosing to purchase ECU outright** , AA Stage 3 Clutch Kit with primary clutch limiter and butter shift washersAA Stainless Full Exhaust (head pipe & muffler), and Brian Crower High Performance Stage 2 Cams.
    • BC "Drop-In" camshafts work extremely well, but especially well above 8400 RPM.  This comes into play for all types of riding, but especially those riding faster pace and/or dunes riding.  Running at 8500-8700 RPM works well in these situations.  
  • Center exit exhaust with a chambered muffler.  This design uses your OEM tip/spark arrestor making it a very quiet exhaust with the 3" side dump closed with optional 3" Stealth Quiet Cap.  Open up that 3" side dump and let it scream when you want to!  
  • This center exit design with 3" cutout allows for wild and mild sounds in seconds by bolting/unbolting the 3" Stealth Quiet Cap, or the flip of a switch if you choose to upgrade to the electronic cutout. 
  • Looking for the best/most badass ECU tuning available for your RZR Pro R?  AA's performance tunes are now available to gain horsepower and torque.  Through our advanced ECU tuning we are able to modify parameters correctly to gain you the power needed.  We are highly experienced in tuning RZRs and this will show.
  • The Pro R uses a new Bosch MG1 ECU.  Currently no programmers like the PV3 are available that flash without first having the ECU unlocked. The HP Tuners Remote Tuning Device (RTD) allows the ECU to be flashed remotely at any time using the AA/HP Tuners RTD and your smartphone once the unlock process has been completed from AA.  See HP Tuners RTD information below:
  • HP Tuners Remote Tuning Device (RTD) option - Upgrades to HP Tuners RTD which includes the RTD, OBDII to Polaris Diagnostic Port cable, necessary credits to flash your ECU, one AA custom tune (more tunes optional), and ECU Unlock performed at the AA facility.  Requires ECU to be sent in to be unlocked unless purchasing ECU outright.  After the initial unlock, the ECU can now be flashed remotely at any time using the HP Tuners RTD and your smartphone. See links at bottom of product page for flashing your vehicle and data logging.
  • Big horsepower gains (see tune descriptions below for more details)
  • Much quicker throttle response and power delivery giving a whole new feel to the vehicle
  • Throttle by wire limiters disabled
  • Fan on/off at 185 degrees Fahrenheit (Stock is 190) which is just above the thermostat opening temp.  The progressive fan also ramps up quicker to keep you running cooler than OEM. 
  • Speed limiter removed in low and high gears (Most will be able to run over 100 MPH!)
  • Start in any gear with brake (RTD flash only)
  • More throttle % in low gear and reverse
  • Rev limit at a safe 9200 RPM (stock is 8650).  Ideal peak RPM is 8200-8500 with the flash, but 9200 is for ramp up overshoot/top speed.
  • AA's wicked timing curve is safe for the fuel used, but we do a much better job of finding timing limits for ramp up/more torque.  Many others simply focus on wide open throttle timing/fueling.
  • AA's modified fuel curve will still get decent mileage cruising, but is corrected over the factory lean AFR when needed. 
  • AA muffler is now available with an electronic cutout option to adjust sound on the fly without having to install or remove a quiet cap. 
  • Included Level 3 Tune:  This tune is developed for a Pro R with our aftermarket exhaust and Brian Crower High Performance Stage 2 Cams on 91-93 octane.  This tune adds +29 RWHP peak and a massive +33 RWHP at 45 MPH (This is gaining roughly +40 crank horsepower) putting you at roughly 265 crank horsepower!  Our included Stage 3 clutch kit with this tune really helps the belt to grip and to help drive the extra power to the wheels.  **Note: For Level 3/cams We HIGHLY recommend upgrading to the HP Tuners RTD.  While our tunes have been proven to work great with our shop vehicle and many others, some may have idle issues that need a revised tune.  Higher lift camshafts are very finicky at idle.  If you were to have idle issues, with the HP Tuners RTD we can deploy revised tunes quickly and easily whereas with a simple ECU flash that is not an option - you would need to send your ECU back for a reflash.
  • Looking for race fuel tunes?  We were also, but unfortunately we found no real power increase by adding octane.  Certainly a little extra octane is never a bad thing to keep your ECU from pulling timing, but we tried various attempts to make more power with no results.
  • If you're unsure if your Pro-R is an EVAP model or not, check your Emissions Control sticker located on the front driver's side frame rail above the master cylinder. See pictures for location.
  • We offer two clutch kits:     
    • Standard Load:  The Standard Load clutch kit is meant for stock or near stock size  tires and is the one for most fast pace riders or racers. If crawling  with a 2 seat model on 34-35" tires we recommend the High Load setup.  You'll sacrifice some acceleration but have much better low end belt  grip for less belt slip.         
      • 2 Seat Models: 32-35" dirt tires or 30-32" paddles
      • 4 Seat Models: 32-33" dirt tires or 28-30" paddles
    • High Load: The High Load clutch kit is meant for those with larger tires or riding style is mostly low speed crawling         
      • 2 Seat Models: 36"+ dirt tires or 33"+ paddles
      • 4 Seat Models: 34"+ dirt tires or 32"+ paddles
  • Stage 3 Clutch Kit includes: AA Recoil magnetic adjustable clutch weights, setup/installation sheet, primary spring, primary clutch limiter, AA secondary helix, secondary spring, butter shift washer/shim for increased spring preload and less spring harmonics
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